Indoor Household Accessories Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set Home Air Of Dried Rattan Party Home Decoration Reed Diffuser Stick

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Reed Diffuser Set Oil Diffusers for Bedroom Living Room Office Aromatherapy Oil for Gift Idea & Stress Relief 100 mll

2) EASY TO USE. Insert the reed sticks inside the diffuser bottle. the lavender fragrance oil is gently volatilized by flipping the natural rattan reeds, giving any space a long-lasting, continuous scent into the air for 60 days approximately.
3)FLAME FREE, PARABENS FREE, PHTHALATES FREE. No need of any Aromatherapy machine. with only one bottle of the lavender fragrance oil, you can enjoy this joyful and cheerful scent in your bedroom, living room and office.
4)PERFECT GIFT IDEA. It is beautifully packaged in good condition. The elegant glass bottle combined with the rich and sweet aroma makes the ideal gift for friends and loved ones, or a housewarming gift set.
5)Component:Natural plant essential oil;Essence;deionized water;Minering Oil;fragrance-retaining agents.

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